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Each person has their own story. It’s not always easy, pretty, or simple. But it’s definitely not boring! Your story is unique. It deserves to be told. All the twists and turns. All the adventures! Every high and low. Those turns, the lurches, the drops, each success - those make you who you are. And through it all, you still choose to give love. You choose joy and gratefulness. You’re waiting and ready for your next adventure. You’re willing to look for and see the good. To have fun. Even through the hard times you look for the best. You are here because you have a purpose. No one else has lived your life, no one else has the same exact story as you, walked in your shoes. People may have similar stories. I believe that helps to connect us, to bring comfort to others in ways we couldn’t if we hadn’t experienced something that was similar. But we each have our own perspective. Our own story to tell.

Whether you are a senior, trying to figure out what you want your story to be; a couple who is about to begin a new chapter together; a family that is just beginning or that is trying to get through just one day at a time with school, carpooling, and sports; empty nesters that may be enjoying a slower pace of life; or maybe a loved one who has passed or is sadly very close and those last moments are something we all would cherish forever. No matter what your story is, what season of life you are in, or what you are looking to hold on to for forever, I am here. And I want to capture your story in a way that is emotional, tangible, authentic, and timeless.

Stories and memories are so important to me, that I not only want to learn about your story, I want to build a real relationship with you, to nurture you during our time together, to capture the moments and the memories. I love getting to know my clients before and during our session, and because your story means so much to you and to me, I also have a passion for helping you create an atmosphere you love to be in and that helps you tell, remember, and relive your story! I do this by working with you to create wall art that helps you remember each moment you wanted to save for forever or even pass down through the generations! Your story is your legacy!

Whether it is a stand alone masterpiece or a grouping of multiple images, I can help you design your home gallery! Your favorite images, your style, your custom designed memory gallery! If portraits on the wall are not your thing or if you want something a bit more portable to show off to your friends or coworkers, I also can work with you to design a gorgeous album that you will love and cherish and that will also last for generations!

Such kind words:

Bri was relaxed and

made it enjoyable for all of us! We loved how she captured the personality of our family members. The pictures turned out great!! The whole process felt so painless and easy.



Brianna has a great eye for capturing God’s beauty in nature and people!

— Katherine


Bri takes her time to get to know you and your needs before your session so she takes the pictures you want. Great experience! Would highly recommend her and definitely be a repeat customer.

— Lori


Bri took some amazing photos

and is great with her words too. Wow. What she says about the girls in the post [blog]…love it! She had quite the observation that I never realized…Thank you Bri for noticing that and sharing it in such a kind way.


Very influenced by the hearts of the client and it shows in the simple integrity and beauty that comes out of her photos.

— Perry


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