Why all the flowers?

If you have been to my investment page you have probably seen that my packages are all named after flowers. In following the naming of my business by trying to honor my Grandma Sharon, I continued with that mindset while putting my pricing packages together. 

My Grandma loved to garden. She always had a garden of vegetables in her backyard, and for a while she had one in our backyard as well. AND she had a flower garden in her front yard. Her front (and back, but that's beside the point) lawn was always beautifully manicured. My Grandpa mowed the yard, ran the weed whacker, made sure there wasn't any weeds in the grass or in any of the cracks in the concrete in their driveway, but my Grandma took care of her gardens almost as well as she took care of my Grandpa. She got down on her hands and knees and weeded, watered, and whispered her way into growing a gorgeous garden. Yes whispered; she would talk to those flowers as if all they needed were her words to grow into the featured specimens they were supposed to be in her front yard.