Our Adventurous Vacation!

Yellowstone, Billings, and Beyond!

There are many things in life that I enjoy! The little things that without, yes I would still live, but with, I feel blessed beyond measure, even when I tend to take them for granted. Things like a great book, the perfect cup of coffee with just the right mix of coffee to creamer, 75 degree weather, a comfy chair and blanket and being snuggled into just the right spot, my favorite show on Netflix playing while I edit photos, seeing the girls at the gym I coach smile when I walk in and tell them hello, the feeling I get when Tom wraps me up in his arms. There are many more things that I could spend days writing out, because I really am blessed beyond measure!

But about 2 weeks ago, we went on vacation. Now I have been on vacation before! I have seen amazingly beautiful things and places. I have been able to relax, enjoy myself, and soak up the experience. But this vacation, with my husband, to a place I have never been and always wanted to go, after some pretty rough times, was just what I needed! As I am sure you have put together, we went to Yellowstone National Park. We spent about 3 and half days, maybe 4, driving around and enjoying the scenery and praying we would see some bears and wolves. Unfortunately, God did not answer that prayer this time, but I am sure hoping He will some day! We did however get to see some elk, deer, bison, mountain goats, amazing waterfalls and scenery, beautiful sunsets and even some sun rises-which- if you know me at all- rarely happens, and the most stars I have ever seen! I got to practice my wildlife, landscape, night/astro photography and it was a blast!

Then we drove on to Billings, Montana. We got to see Tom's little sister and his best friend from college while we were there! We all went rappelling off the Rim that surrounds the city, we chased and then ended up in a thunderstorm, we grilled our lunch parked at the top of a parking garage, and then we enjoyed the evening playing cards together. 

I got to see so many beautiful things. The weather was perfect, except for one day-and our tent and most of our stuff was sopping wet when we got back from an adventure over the Beartooth Pass, but you know what, oh well. The conversation was easy. And the company was the absolute best! And I have memories that I will treasure forever!