Twins Heading Their Own Ways For College

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Here in the midwest we never quite know what we are going to get when it comes to the weather. Some fall days are those gorgeous days, that when you think “perfect fall weather” you’re thinking, cooler day but sunny probably around 73 degrees, a slight breeze - just enough to rustle the leaves, or in this case to gently lift your hair to make you look like a model in a GQ magazine. And some days are freezing cold, icy wind blasting through your warmest coat, leaving you to feel like you are still not dressed warmly enough, even though you have on at least 3 layers. But last night’s weather in McKinney, Texas was the first one described - perfect weather for a fall shoot for these two gorgeous senior girls. Sisters. Twins. Natalie and Courtney!

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Natalie and Courtney go to McKinney North High School and will be graduating in May 2019. Natalie is an active member of the FFA (she is actually the President!) and Courtney is on the volleyball team! These girls show love to all who are around them and are a light to the people they lead. Though they are very close (they ARE twins), they will be going their own ways after their senior year here is complete. Natalie will be attending Texas Tech, studying agriculture and agriculture education while Courtney will be heading to Texas A&M where she will be studying nursing and communication.

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These girls are gorgeous inside and out and it was privilege to be able to photograph them and it is a great honor to just be able to know them. I know Natalie better than I know Courtney, but seeing them together, I have no doubt that they will be so successful no matter where their roads lead them! I cannot wait to watch these girls become the future leaders in our country, I know they will do great things.

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They both have shown amazing work ethic, perseverance, tenacity, and grit when these characteristics have gotten harder to find in people, they shine bright through these ladies. During our session, it was easy to laugh and to connect, they are so caring and their genuine hearts cut through the darkness that the world can sometimes bring.

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Being able to capture this time in their life is why I do what I do! High school was an adventure for me, just like it is for these girls. They are finding their niche, their passions, they are striving for their goals and won’t let anyone stop them. They are helping those around them meet their goals as well. They are pulling others up with them instead of trampling on them to get to the top, like some have before them. I am in awe of these girls. Their compassion, their grace, their genuineness. They are beautiful people. And I am honored that they let me in to part of their life, to be able to capture some of these precious moments for them!

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Thank you for being you Ladies! Keep it up! Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Stick together even though you will be apart! Keep shining bright in this sometimes dingy world!

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