Thankful for Thanksgiving


Sometimes life is rough. Sometimes, it is really scary. Sometimes, life gets you down. And then, God. And then God - really shows up for you. For me. When I thought that I was abandoned. When I thought I was forgotten. When I believed I was lost. That there was no hope. When I thought I was unseen. Then God. He came through in such a HUGE way. Even when that HUGE way is through small little moments. Gestures. Simple things that just show that He is there. This thanksgiving was one of those for me. Not to make this about me, but life has been a struggle lately. But I am thankful for thanksgiving this year, because God has surrounded me with some amazing people! Beautiful families. He has truly blessed me with His love. He completely has me in awe of His goodness and His love toward me. Towards all of us.

This thanksgiving I was invited to Adam and Tracie’s house for friendship, fun, and of course, the meal. ;) I have gotten to know this family through small group at church and I am astounded by their Godly example, their love for one another, their love for their girls, and the quiet strength that only certain circumstances from God can mold. Adam and Tracie, thank you for you generosity and opening your home to me! Thank you for the honor of being able to join your family!


They also have 2 beautiful daughters that I can’t wait to get to know better. Their personalities are so very different and yet also kind of the same. Just watching them play and at dinner, they are both shy, but love to smile and be mischievous when they think no one is watching. Then, once they warm up (to the stranger in their house), they really come alive. The oldest LOVES giant teddy bears (who can blame her…they are awesome)!! The youngest, raccoons (again…AWESOME)! Playing outside on the swing set made them both light up. Bright! Like dazzling stars on a clear night with just a gentle breeze. Sweet. Gentle. Their innocence and their shy smiles were just what my heart needed. God knew. And this family was His warm arm around me, just as their arms wrapped around me as well.


Thank you so much to this big hearted family! I am so humbled by your trust in letting me into your home, and letting me be able to photograph your family. I hope these memories will be ones you can cherish for a lifetime! Being able to capture moments like this for amazing families like you is one of the reasons why I do what I do! I hope you see and feel joy when you look at these images. I know that I do. Thank you for that!