Self-Taken Couple's Session

Trying My Hand at a Self-Taken Couple's Session

Yesterday, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. I attempted to compose a self-taken couple's session. With a fairly willing husband and a nice day weather-wise, we set out on a drive enjoying each other's company and the ability to just take in the scenery surrounding us.

We drove a scenic backroad, just going where the road was taking us. And then we decided we were going to try and find a lake that we could walk around and talk and enjoy the day together.

We finally found the spot we were looking for, and since my camera was handy, I asked my husband if he would be willing to pose on his own. He was. For a while. And then we both agreed it would be more fun if I could be in the pictures too. So, having come with my tripod, he set it up for me, I composed the shot, set the timer and ran to be in the image next to him. It is safe to say, I got my workout in for the day, but I also learned a lot about my camera, about posing us together, lighting, and being behind and in front of the camera. 

I also was able to learn quite a bit about directing the scene more clearly. Communicating with him what I was looking for in the image because we only had 10 seconds to get set before the shutter clicked.

I love that I think I was able to capture these images with a "looking in on a moment" feel and not just the traditional look and smile at the camera posed feel. Though, both are good and necessary, it was fun to stretch myself more in this way.

It was quite the fun day for me! I enjoyed the learning curve of it and I also enjoyed being able to just spend the day and the time with my husband. We had a good time driving around, talking, and just being together. Being able to document the day was definitely just the cherry on top!