Planning Your Senior Portrait Session?


Congratulations! You are heading toward your final year of High School! You have had ups and downs through this point of your life, and you will continue to have them, but make your Senior Session an "UP"! One way you can do this is by choosing Cardinal Rose Photography to capture your senior images. 

Other ways you can know that you will have the best senior portrait you (ladies) or your mom (gentlemen) have been dreaming of are below.

  1. First, I would highly recommend thinking of places that mean something to you or showcase your personality. Many photographers are willing to go to locations that you pick out and that fit you personally. This will help you enjoy the experience more!
  2. Choose a photographer that will help you meet your needs and that fits your style and personality. I love making the session fun and light. You only go through this time once in life and it can be difficult enough without a photography session to make it worse. I work hard to help you enjoy your time in front of the camera, to get your natural smile, and will coach you through posing- so you don't have to think or worry about a thing!
  3. Know what you are going to wear! First of all, don't be afraid to dress up! You are getting your photos professionally done, you want to showcase your best you!
    1. Gentlemen, suit pants and a button up would be great for outfit number 1, you can use this image on social media and college applications. For outfit number 2, choose something a little more casual but still nicer than cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Consider khakis or dark wash dress pants and a polo. This look can still be casual and professional. Avoid plaid or shirts with patterns or lots of colors.
    2. Ladies, for outfit 1, I would suggest a dress or a business suit (or do both as outfit 1 and 2). Pick a fairly solid color that complements your skin tone. If you are more light, pick a light color so your skin does not look washed out. For outfit 2 (or 3 if you do both above), now you can go more casual, but you still want to look your best so I would steer toward either a skirt and blouse (again that complements your skin tone) or jeans (denim or colored) and a blouse. Try to pick fairly solid colors for your apparel (avoiding plaids or patterns or too many colors), but you can accessorize for that pop of color (either with jewelry, hat, bag, scarf, etc)!
  4. Schedule your session, show up, and have FUN! Just enjoy the moment and that it is all about you!

Email me here ( to book with me, spots are filling up fast!