The First Letter to Me

Dear Bri,

I know you are just starting out. I know starting a business can be scary. There are a lot of risks involved. There's a lot at stake. A lot on the line. But you can do this. You are smart and capable and have done a lot of work to make this happen and to be a success. There will always be something to learn. Always be something you can challenge yourself on or improve on. You will probably always critique yourself, never have it quite right, but just know that that is ok. You can be hard on yourself. It is good to always want to be better, but don't let that bog you down either. Look for the things you have improved on, see your growth, realize that some things will come more easily than others. Some days will be more discouraging than others. But don't give up. This is something you love, and though the days may be long, the process can be tedious, you have a passion for this. You love it and that shines through in your work. And God gave you this talent and this desire for a reason. Keep striving towards your goals. Work to reach that summit. Don't give up. Don't let it go!


Bri from the beginning