Josh and Bekah

Nothing beats the warm glow of the sunset on a spring evening, when the world finally seems like it is calming down for the day. The light gets golden, the breeze blows softly, all seems right. When it has rained all week before the session we get nervous, but our day, we got lucky and got a sunny and warm evening to take our pictures in!

This couple, sweet Bekah and Josh, are the ones who got lucky that their session didn't get rained out. These two are more than just a couple that I have photographed. They are family. They have been married for over 2 years now. They decided to schedule an anniversary session with me for Valentine's Day! What an awesome way to show your love for each other- having your portraits done for an anniversary or holiday! Time goes by so quickly and each stage of life is so different than any that comes before it. Though they don't have children yet, they may someday, and those kids are going to want to see and know just how much their Dad loved their Mom, and then (a different) someday, so are their grandkids.

So taking the time to capture your seasons of life is SO important. And having the wall art of those portraits to decorate your home with is just as important!

I really enjoyed being able to connect with family again for this precious session, and you can obviously tell how much they love one another. This session was one for the books (and for the wall - haha ;) ).