Be a Do-er!

The other day I wrote a post on ideas verses implementation. The next day during my quiet time, I was reading a devotion that discussed some of the same things that I had never really thought of before. 

There is a Bible verse that states that we should take all thoughts captive. And typically when we hear this verse referenced, it's in regards to negative thoughts. Don't let yourself envy someone's life or things. Don't dwell on impure thoughts. And the list goes on. But rarely do we hear, that we should also take our good thoughts captive.

I know in my own life, when I have an awesome idea I tend to think, "wow that's a good idea" or "where did that come from", but I don't really think about where that idea actually came from. But, God gives us our talents and desires and passions, and wants us to go after them and the Holy Spirit inspires us and gives us those ideas, so that we can actually do those things and move in ways that furthers His kingdom and glorifies Him.

So today, instead of just coming up with more ideas that I could do I am going to work on actually implementing the ideas that I have had, and working on progressing that way. I am working on planning for my next portrait sessions, writing another blog post, and working on possibly coming up with local businesses to partner with!