So this week, you have learned quite a bit about me. As a person, as a coach, as a photographer. So I am going to wrap up the week with a post about all of my favorites. (personal and work related)


  • My favorite food: I LOVE spicy food, so of course I have to start with Mexican Restaurants because...chips and salsa, duh. Papa Lopez, is my favorite place in Allen to get my spicy salsa fix. If I am craving more of the Texan cowgirl side of things, then my answer would be Texas Roadhouse. And my most common date night stop is: Chipotle. YUM.
  • My favorite drink: Coffee or Hot Chocolate. Give me some Eight O'Clock Columbian Roast with some hazelnut creamer and I will be set for the day and without it I am just grumpy and non-functional. Hot Cocoa with marshmallows. OR combine the two for a delicious homemade twist on the Starbucks mocha. 
  • My favorite holiday: I love the 4th of July. Summer-time. Backyard Barbecue. Cold drinks. LOTS of friends and family. And of course... FIREWORKS. Boom. Also, Christmas, but who doesn't love Christmas?
  • My favorite candy: Twix or 100 Grand. Caramel goodness. Check.
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Twist (chocolate and vanilla) soft serve in a waffle cone.


If you become a client (or just want to make a new friend) you can surprise me with any of these things at any time. :) I'll try my best to learn your favorites and one day (when you least expect it) will try to return the favor! 




  • Favorite lens: Currently my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens does not leave my camera! I love the creamy backgrounds I can get with this lens. I am excited to invest in more lenses someday, but for now, I can do a lot with just this one lens!
  • Favorite Editing Software: Lightroom
  • Favorite Computer: Macbook Pro
  • Favorite Equipment: My Camera
  • Favorite Accessory: Probably my business cards or maybe my external hard drive.