A Little About Me

Personal and Professional Goals

Since this business means so much to me and I have high hopes for success (and am willing to put in the work to make that happen), I have been doing lots of research on how to be the most successful I can be. And almost everything has said blogging consistently, even when you feel like you are writing to nobody. So here I am. I was not sure what to write about. Not sure where to start or what would matter to those I am trying to reach. But this is what I have come up with to start with:

Starting a business definitely requires taking some risks. Financially, investing in things that you hope will help make your business take off but really offer no guarantees; marketing/advertising, websites, business cards, flyers, getting samples of products, education, etc. The list seems like it could go on and on. Personally, investing time, especially when it seems like it is already in short supply. Time away from my husband, time educating myself so I can be the best I can be for my clients, time building a website on my own (and having very little idea of what I am doing), creating flyers, and pricing sheets, and researching the best products, again the list could go on. 

But I am genuinely loving this process. Taking risks, problem solving, coming up with creative solutions, the adrenaline rush of trying to make a decision that will be successful and the most beneficial to all involved, these are all things I really enjoy doing. I would say these are some of my strengths. Some of these I learned just from my parents, hard learned lessons, some from sports and activities that I was involved in growing up, and some that I think are just in how I was made, my own personality.

As a child, connecting to people was one of the most important things to me. Making friends, pleasing people. These things came naturally to me. I wanted to be close to others. To feel loved and cared for and to make them feel like they had a genuine friend. Since this was the case, I hated goodbyes. (I still do, but they go a little more smoothly now. haha ;) usually.) I dreaded the end of the school year. DREADED. I would cry. Like, ugly cry. EVERY year. It was painful for me, and I am sure, my parents, to drop me off knowing they would be picking up a child who was going to be crushed. But, as I got older, the pain got less. I grew up. 

I would still connect with others, still have high expectations of their friendship and loyalty. And I realized that I would be left feeling disappointed. Yes I had good, true friendships, but I also had quite a few not so genuine friendships and these devastated me. Whether they were ex boyfriends, friends that just didn't want to be friends anymore, familial relationships that fell apart, these all broke me and when I didn't want to feel broken anymore, I let myself harden my heart. Yes I would still have friends, but I wouldn't let them in on as deep of a level. I distanced my heart from connecting to others. And this left a mark on me that I didn't realize until I met Tom.

When I met Tom, I had decided to shut myself off completely. I was going to figure out how to do life on my own. I didn't need or want any help from anybody. But he painstakingly, patiently, nervously, poured into me. He gave me his friendship, his warmth, his prayers, his patience, his trust and his heart. He prayed for me and with me. He didn't push me, but showed me he was going to be there. And it cracked me. It brought me back to God, who is so loving and so forgiving, that He will make you feel complete, healed, no longer broken. It was everything I didn't even know I needed. And he won my heart not only for himself, but for the Almighty God.

And since then, my goal is to try and show people that love too. To help them see that they are loved and valuable, no matter what they have been through. My goal is to let God's love shine through me. I want to be able to help YOU see your value, your uniqueness, your inner and outer beauty. To show you that you are cared for and that you have your own strengths. I want to be able to capture that in an image for you and your whole world to see. This is my passion. And I want to build my brand on these fundamentals, to love and serve my clients well. I am not sure who my ideal client is yet (that is still something I am working on), but I do know, that no matter who it is, I want to share Christ's love for you, to let Him work through me, and to not only have you as client, but as my friend!